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A collection of messages about openness, kindness, honesty, and personal evolution.

Internal Loyalty

Loyalty is a lovely trait. Every one of us is internally loyal to something or someone, and our value system plays a large part in where we place it. Once it is given, we usually stop questioning what we have given it to. It might be a political ideology, a career, power, a religion, a person, alcohol, or a noble non-profit. But money is a big one too. Often we become loyal to what gives us comfort or benefits us.

Sometimes we are too loyal, like when we give the entirety of ourselves–meaning the entirety of our heart, mind, and power. But I also mean our deeper sense of who we are.

We are so loyal sometimes that it is the water we swim in. It becomes part of us. It can even define our identity. It happens slowly or quickly, and often without us realizing it. But if we are really honest with ourselves, we know we are allowing it to happen.

Your life is in your care, and your entire loyalty isn’t for anyone to take or use. No one should have access to you in this way. If we allow this to occur, then we have inappropriately given away our internal loyalty. We have shifted our power, our autonomy, to someone else.

This is about more than personal relationships. It includes authority figures and spiritual teachers. If anyone, implicitly or explicitly, asks this of you. Run. Run as fast as you can.

Why do we ever give ourselves to someone in this way? Because there is something we hope to gain, something we dream of attaining that we think someone else has access to. It might also be to alleviate a personal lack in us.

If this has happened to you, take back your internal loyalty.

Remember, humans are always human. We are imperfect, a work in progress. Regardless of our level of realization and what we are connected to in the beyond, we make mistakes, have blind spots and filters that may lead to wrong thinking.
Use sound judgment about what you give yourself to.

Try this on–God would never ask you to give all that you are to someone in this world. That kind of internal loyalty is reserved for God. No one and nothing else.

Peace & Love,



Nothing I write is meant as personal advice, so please be discerning. Do not believe anything I write without first seeing if it is true for you. If it is, fine. If it isn’t, put it aside.

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