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My early childhood on a farm in Ontario, Canada was pretty idyllic. So when my family immigrated to the orange grove countryside east of Los Angeles, it seemed like the end of my world. 


It turned out to be the first in a series of unpredictable events that would make-up my rather unusual life. I worked for comedian Flip Wilson—went pub hopping in London with Sean Connery—found a job managing a corporate foundation in Napa Valley by dialing a wrong phone number—taught at a California University without a degree—married a spy—and spent 13 years studying with a spiritual teacher. These times sound amazing, but my life has also been difficult. I was a caregiver for seven years and was so burnt out I couldn’t work for three years. I just stared at the view from my deck. Yet, even though I couldn’t see it, grace was there in the despair.

I never planned for the life I led. It was more like I was searching for something and unusual events kept showing up. But accident or not, every circumstance was an opportunity to evolve.

I now reside in Rapid City, South Dakota, with Stewart, my incredibly supportive husband, and LuLu, our cat. When not writing, I paint and go off-grid camping in the Black Hills. The cat stays home.

I am not a teacher. I’d say I’m a wayshower. Someone who shows the way by living it. My husband calls me an antenna. 

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