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A voyager stumbles across Earth—a free-will planet that comes with contrasts, choices, and edges. One can evolve lickety-split, at a snail’s pace or even slide backward. All of this is terribly exciting. She wants in on that and is born on a farm in Canada. 

Emma is everything her evangelical parents hoped for. However, unknown to them, she remains connected to the Unseen and has an ability to see into the inner workings of people, not only their thoughts but their motives. Life on the farm is idyllic—until, without warning, her family up and moves to Southern California. Everything she loves disappears including the Unseen.

Everyone knows how to let go. We do it every night as we drop into sleep and then all the cares of this world fall away.


Will Emma remain trapped in resistance or open her heart and mind to the wisdom of the Unseen and all her spirit is seeking?

Emma can still read people and situations and that creates both opportunity and tension. After her family falls apart she is determined to take control of her life. But that doesn't protect her from uncertainty, rejection, betrayal—even murder.


She feels all alone. But has she ever really been all by herself? Though the door is closed, at times messages from the Unseen make it through. Confused and startled, Emma rejects their help. She wants to live life on her terms.

Emma Knows is the first in a two-part spiritual fiction series loosely based on the authors own fantastical journey.

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