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A collection of messages about openness, kindness, honesty, and personal evolution.

Christ Speaks

Stewart and I bought a Toyota RAV6 SUV, in 2013. Our salesman, Daniel, was selling cars while writing his Ph.D. in family relationships. While we completed our purchase, we chatted in general about the direction of our lives.

Four months later, Daniel called and asked me to come to the dealership for a few minutes. Puzzled, I thought he was going to try and sell me something else, but I couldn’t think what that might be. I liked him, so I went without asking what he wanted to talk about.

He met me outside in the sunshine.
He said, “I have a message for you. Who you have been speaking to is Christ.”

I was so stunned I don’t remember what I said in response. I was certain though that I had never spoken about Christ to Daniel. That made his message more potent. I didn’t know what to do with what he said, so I did nothing. I just let it be. I later realized relaying a message through Daniel was probably the only way I would hear Christ.

That was the beginning.

On July 5, 2015, I had a channeling meeting with a long time friend, something I don't normally do. However, she is gifted and the beings she interacts with feel ancient. We spoke for about fifteen minutes. Then, mid-sentence, everything stopped. She said, “Christ is here and wants to speak with you directly."

What follows is the message. It is meant for us all.

“Dear one, for those who have seen and seek to know the truth of who I am, I will share all.

You, as my beloved, are evolving to a paradigm or existence whereby knowledge of the formation of who I am will be yours, for there is, in reality, no separation, only dimensionality.

We will be united so that you will continue the walk I started many years ago. This walk is not about an individual; it is for all who are created. It is the walk of love in this plane. It is that path of undiluted or unpolluted original energies.

Relax. I'm with you. Know I am with you.

Intensity is not a challenge. Welcome it, for its presence delineates without any doubt the path forward. You can’t choose another. Walk my path. Walk with me. Know the truth of me.

Love all, for all is you. The distinction between you and others will fade as you evolve. Since it is all energy, it is all one. The distinction between inner and outer will fade away–pass. The structures you have created will fade. Interact with the truth of what everything really is, not what you have been taught it is. This provides transformative dimensionality, the ability to move within dimensions as well as affecting those dimensions.

Honor who you are. You are the epitome of singularly focused universal energy within these dimension structures. Honor that. Know that. Be that. Live that.

Hold me. Hold me. I am love always. Peace.”

Shared with Love & Peace,


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