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A collection of messages about openness, kindness, honesty, and personal evolution.

WY Perspective

I'm always amazed when someone tells me that their life has been day after day sameness. Everyone I have ever met has had an unusual life—and not quite like anyone else’s. Recently I met a waitress at a restaurant in Gillette, Wyoming, who was turning eighteen in two days and had just joined the Air Force in an attempt to evade her perception of impending long-term boredom in her hometown.

I thought Gillette would be a nice place to live. It’s all perspective.

I think what has made my life appear so unusual is how wide the pendulum of events has swung back and forth. Like back in 1986, I lost $22 million in one week and went $100,000 into debt. That was an exciting week. Then I became my family’s sole support for seven years. As I look back now at that time, I can see the grace in it. But at the time, I was too scared to see almost anything.

And that brings me back to perspective. Our perspectives are the most superficial aspect of how we view people, the world, ourselves. The shape of a perspective comes from what we listen to within. Is it from our open heart or a tightness or even anger?

Try this on—regardless of where perspectives come from, they are opinions. Taking this one step further: everything, everywhere in this world of ours is an opinion. All of it. We might assert that our perspective is based on what is deeply true and real, but how do we know that?

What I have come to know is that what is real always returns me to a deeper sense of what I am as a being. In that, there is no perspective, no opinion, just being.

Peace & Love,



Nothing I write is meant as personal advice, so please be discerning. Do not believe anything I write without first seeing if it is true for you. If it is, fine. If it isn’t, put it aside.

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